Sneha Deepam- Welcoming the New Year

by Blissrootzpublished on January 4, 2021

ഒരുമയോടെ… കരുതലോടെ.. ഒരുമിച്ച്…
ഏവർക്കും പുതുവത്സരാശംസകൾ!
Blissrootz wishes everyone a happy and prosperous new year 2021 !
Our sincere thanks to Sreedevi ma’am (Mrs.Sreedevi Unni ) for sharing this beautiful concept of the song, ‘Shubha Mangalam’
Conceptualised by : Sreedevi Unni
Lyrics & Sung by : Bindu P. Menon
Editing : Abhilash Unni
Accompanist : Rajaram R

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