Founded in 2020, we are a young media house envisioning to fulfil your dreams of an emerging and changing world dynamics. With extensive experience in visual media, our expertise would help your satisfy your create appetite.

Director’s Message



At Blissrootz, our principle is very simple, creativity at the highest level. As a start-up based in the bustling metropolitan city of Bangalore, we understand that there are obstacles that may come our way but we strive to not only overcome these obstacles but make the best out of a stressful situation. We aim to bring our expertise to the table with Advertising, Music, Film & Web Series Production and we would not be able to achieve all this with our small but overachieving team of professionals.

Our culture is based on strong principles and values that define our organisation’s day to day working. We uphold the highest level of integrity in everything. Blissrootz is powered by a group of professionals who collaborate with customers from around the world and make it accessible to everyone in the most transparent manner. We hold each other accountable for creating an organisation that we are proud to be a part of and work together as a team.

Whether you’re reading this as our loyal customer, business partner, or you happened to stumble across our website, we look forward to finding out how we can empower your ideas and creative flow and bring them to life!

Roopesh R George
Founder | Director, Blissrootz

When the dream is born.


We began to dream in 2015 with a modest beginning on FB with a page that shared works of Maestros in the music industry. Our bigger dream lay intact though- to entertain and move people through our creative eye. To be able to engage people in layers of personal absorption through varied expressions of art.

Blissrootz is an entertainment media house; an initiative by a few like-minded people from the industry who came together for a larger dream. Our mission is to fructify the creative ideas that have evolved from our experience over the years. The main dream of Blissrootz is independent music production. Though independent music has been helped by the boom and reach of social media, there still are numerous artists amongst us who are unsure about putting out their music for the world to relish.

Hence, we aim to help these musicians fulfil their dreams and follow their passion. Blissrootz helps artists produce their own music albums. We are a team of writers, music composers, singers, video producers, and marketing professionals, who are also associated with major radio and TV channels. Together, we help budding musicians from conception to production of their music albums. Our team of experts combine all these skills to discover and promote new talent.

Our videos are available on platforms like iTunesSpotifyYouTubeInstagram, our web portal (, and Facebook. In the future, Blissrootz plans to foray into ad film making, animation, and TV series.

Core Values


We strive to be honest and transparent with communications and business transactions. As a business, we understand the responsibility our words and actions, confirming our commitment to be fair through adherence to applicable laws, regulations, policies and a high standard of behavior.


Blissrootz is all about its people. Ideas and innovations put together by talented individuals to seek connections, build long-lasting relationships and be an active part in the community.


At Blissrootz, business starts with our commitment to the highest ethical standard. We believe that every company needs to adhere and respect our clients, employees, partners, and most importantly, the community we live and thrive in.


Maya Angelou said, “I did then what I knew how to do. Now I know better, I do better.” This resounds within Blissrootz to always learn and improve our way of doing business. Like all companies, we would be nothing without our customers. We always ask questions and innovate, to always bring out our best.


Our principle is to be creative and we don’t hold ourselves back. We believe that an idea can take you places and we want to uplift your ideas and bring them to life. We aim to make our services accessible to everyone because at Blissrootz, all you need is an inkling.