In this technologically advanced and fast paced world, as adults, we are riddled with the pressures of life and we seem to lose out on the important people and moments of utter and total happiness. Those moments with our family and friends, spent dancing and singing together. The children of today, with all their innocence, are exposed to the extremities that the internet poses and with the lack of parental controls and guidance, it could pose a threat. Blissrootz aims to bring back some of the love lost on the way. We want to show today’s generation the beauty of being able to share bedtime stories with our loved ones and how it bonds people together.

It has been proven psychologically that bedtime stories help in lowering stress levels and reinforce their language skills as books use a diverse vocabulary as compared to everyday vocabulary. As these books are read out loud and children have to envision the stories, it improves their power of imagination and helps them become independent readers later on.

Through Youngees TV, we want to portray characters who are common in all our lives and depict their importance and value. We aim to impart values and ethics through our short and fun-filled stories to enlighten and create room for imagination. Characters like Kunji Koran and Kutti Tharavu portray the moral values that were taught to children and the lessons learnt after every story initiates a conversation in the child’s mind.