Supporting local business owners

COVID-19 threw obstacles and challenges, some big enough to change the way industries work. Nobody could have foreseen these unprecedented circumstances. However, the Food and Beverage Industry has been hit particularly hard. Mega chain restaurants and franchises will continue to thrive with access to bailouts from their parent companies, though local restaurants and vendors aren’t so lucky.
Nevertheless, as consumers of our favorite restaurants, there are a few ways for us to support our local restaurants and vendors to ensure their longevity.

  1. With the onset of COVID-19, dine-in has taken a severe beating and takeout and delivery orders have proved to be lifesavers for local restaurants. For the near future, most local restaurants will continue to operate through takeout and delivery, until customers feel safe eating out. In the case that your favorite restaurant is offering Takeout and Delivery services, contact them directly or visit their official website to order hassle-free.
  2. While all restaurants and supermarkets took a hard hit from the pandemic, local vendors bore the brunt. Restrictions for public safety, lockdowns and the shift to online shopping have left the local vendors with little to no customers. Use this opportunity to find local vendors around you, try a new cuisine and support your local business owners and vendors.
  3. The benefits of social media during this pandemic outweigh its negatives. Restaurants have been seen engaging with customers through their social media accounts, hoping to attract a larger audience. With its wonderful ability to foster a sense of community, show your support for local businesses and vendors without spending money.
    The F&B industry will never be the same after the pandemic. With increased demand for takeout and delivery and implementing stringent rules for dine-in customers, restaurant owners will be forced to think outside the box to thrive. This struggle is being faced in India and many other pandemic ridden countries and it is our job as consumers to support and show our solidarity towards this cause!
    We at Nosh, are working tirelessly to support and uplift local business owners and vendors. If you own a restaurant or are in need of marketing support, please contact us.

Vaishnavi Menon,

Managing Director, Nosh



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